Soulection Takeover: 2K23 Edition

January 20, 2023
NBA2K is partnering with Soulection to compile music that will be included in their Season 4 takeover game, which will be released on DSP’s a week after as a part of an official Soulection x 2K23 compilation.

The compilation lands on Soulection's 12 Year Anniversary as a celebration, and highlights unreleased 10 tracks with music from: Sango, ESTA., Mack Keane, Phabo, Monte Booker, Jayla Darden, J.Robb, Jared Jackson, Hagan, JBird.

Each track is influenced by an upbeat undertone that compliments the suspense of the gaming world, yet stands out with each artist's signature sound. Tapping in from influences from all over the world, we encompass the true Soulection sound that covers music from afrobeat, electronic, house, west coast, R&B, jazz, and more.