August 6, 2012
We are proud to present to you our 15th Soulection release that spotlights a Virginia based artist known as LAKIM. One of many qualities that we take pride in here at Soulection is that we enjoy recognizing, spotlighting, and watching our artists elevate to levels they have never tapped into before.

We have watched and heard LAKIM drop numerous projects over the years that cater to his undeniable love for original soul samples. Listening to the development of him chopping, re-arranging, and translating samples into new concepts has been nothing but rewarding! For this Esoteric EP, LAKIM manages to not only display his growth as an artist, but also implement his signature style of chopping dusty soul records into the undeniable form of Bass music that has been dominating the world’s sound of tomorrow.

The best thing about this EP is that it truly represents LAKIM’s sound direction! Unlike many artists worldwide who have been experimenting with the Bass vibes but still failing to keep their original sound direction within it. Esoteric EP is fulfilled with 7 tracks that reflect a progression and rejuvenation of various soul and bass fusions. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do.

“Esoteric is about me just tapping into a new sound. Trying different styles out. It literally means to be understood by a selected few.” -Lakim