Soulection White Label: 013

November 27, 2014
Where ever you are in the world, we hope you are enjoying yourself. It's holiday season here in the States and we are feeling grateful for an amazing year of music and inspiration despite all the negativity going on outside of music.

For our 13th edition of our White Label Series we have our good brother oriJanus who we have been connecting with since the beginning of our time. If there is one word we can describe to represent OJ it would be a perfectionist. This is one of those organic connections that we wanted to let fall into place on it's own and here we are. Representing Bakersfield, CA, this young 21 year old recently took the leap from his hometown in Bakersfield to Los Angeles and it's exciting to see how far he has come.

It was a few months back at our Stussy collab party where we realized that he's got next. He hit us with this crazy remix of the classic So:Ho "Hot Music" and we knew we and to build something off of it. We hope you enjoy his take on sampling and fusing it together with his signature-hard hitting rhythms.