Never Too Late

Staycen x Koen
October 14, 2012
The name Staycen is one that if you don't have in your music libraries, you're being deprived of something wonderful. Staycen began writing music at a very early age. "My parents always bought us musical gifts.. keyboards, tambourines and everything in between. We even had microphones and tape recorders!" Eventually, her relationship with music evolved from hobby to passion. Heavily influenced by the nineties golden-age of hip-hop and R&B, she gravitated towards artists such as Outkast and Missy Elliott for their unique, unpredictable sounds. "My goal musically is to keep people on their toes, not knowing what to expect next". With irresistibly hypnotic vocals and a passion for creativity, Staycen is independent soul music at it's best. Her debut EP, Staycen, was released last year with enthusiastic reviews.

Koen resides in Groningen, Holland and works as a teacher. Koen always had a big passion for music and has been making beats for over 10 years. Koen did a lot of work for Dutch and American rap-artists. After releasing his three editions of 'Outputs', Koen decided he wanted to work on a project with a vocalist. When Koen heard the track 'Feel ya' from the 'Staycen EP' he was blown away by Staycen's vocals and writing. He contacted her and about doing a project. After 1.5 years of making tracks, the first EP is here 'Never too late'.

'Never too late' consists of seven tracks. The EP offers you a warm, soulful sound with a hiphop, bass-inspired touch. On the first single and title track you'll hear the key-sound Staycen and Koen have developed; a warm and jazzy beat with lots of swing. Please stay tuned for more from these very talented artists. This is one release you don't want to miss!