Soulection White Label: 005

January 10, 2014
Here we are with our first release of 2014 by the young and gifted Zikomo. Representing Long Beach, CA this man right here can chop and flip a sample along with some of the best in the world. The fact that Soulection has primarily been about the 'future-sound' we must admit that it feels so good to go right back to the essence and bring back that feel-food soulful/boombap vibe. There aren't too many people out there in the game who still stay true to this sound today. Lets bring it back one time shall we? Zikomo is about to become real familiar in your music library. If you ever have a chance to see him live, please do! You won't regret it. Enjoy this and Happy New Year to all!

Big things ahead for us all.