Jo Def
November 19, 2013
'Steps' is a timely release that comes during an experimental and fluid epoch in electronic music which proves to be a soulful, west-coast inspired footwork masterpiece.

With varying influences from Jukesquad to TekLife – the original Chicago footwork crews, Jo Def carefully combines west coast leaning, bass-heavy vibes with traditional syncopated footwork sounds to produce a cohesive listen all the way through.

The lead single “SWIM”, wraps a wavy and filtered Sade vocal with bass stabs and head-nodding tempo for a sexy yet danceable time. “Took It Thurr”, the “2u 4u” Slum Village flip is a classic in its own right and given the Jo Def treatment, the song transforms into a spaced-out, cerebral journey through Jaydee’s vocals fused with the footwork sound.

Based just north of Los Angeles in Oxnard, CA, Jo Def brings a wealth of musical knowledge and positivity to the label. By delivering the spirit of footwork infused with soul and rnb, Jo Def's unique sound-vibration cements Soulection's dedication to bringing visibility to new artists and timeless music worldwide.