Soulection White Label: 017

December 12, 2015
You may be familiar with Sivey from his collaborative record with Evil Needle, 'Constructive Interference', released on Soulection in summer of 2014 or you may have caught one of his uptempo, dreamy DJ sets in and around London.

The Manchester-based producer who seamlessly combines a number of varied aesthetics with his unique, moody synth progressions comes correct with the 17th installation in our White Label Series.

In a cohesive 4-part story, Sivey takes us through slow jams, house and future sounds with broken rhythm grooves reminiscent of jazz fusion.

"I chose these tracks because I felt they represent a good mixture of my influences and styles I like to experiment with” Sivey told us.

Sivey creates his moody sounds using FL Studio and enjoys the challenge of pushing the boundaries of how midi can be used to create live sounding music.

Stay tuned for more original production from Sivey and catch him DJing in the UK and further afield.