March 8, 2013
It was back in October 2012 after a Soulection Radio session that Esta was really brought to our attention.We landed on his Soundcloud and we were immediately impressed by his catalog of production. It was this feeling that we felt as if we were behind on time musically and had been missing out on one of the most diverse artists that we never heard of. Within no time we reached out and started working on Gradient.

There is an undeniable presence that Esta creates within his music that will have you wanting more. Gradient brings sound barriers together to create a well-balanced sound that incorporates soulful and future-bass vibrations. Whether it's high energy drum and melodic patterns or timeless vocal chops from Quadron or M.I.A., Esta manages to bring all avenues of sound together as one. This is just the first of many Soulection releases to come from Esta. This man is here to change the sound of tomorrow.

"Gradient is a little batch of vibes I put together in this weird transition period of mine. It's pretty much me trying to discover and define my sound. I wanted to show versatility in all my tracks but with keeping it within the same vibes and keeping it very cinematic."