September 20, 2012
It’s crazy to think back to about a year ago when we were just putting out our 4th release by BMB aka Space Kid out of Russia. Things were much different for us then and we were trying to figure out where the sound of tomorrow would take us. Fast-forward to one year later, here we are with our 18th release. Our 18th comes from another gifted Groningen, NL artist who goes by Nangdo.

We’ve obviously been experimenting with different sounds over the recent months and have been journeying around within different tempos and sound directions like true sound travelers or scientists should.

In reflection, Nangdo pelts right in on this Bootyleg release and voyages out of his traditional soul-sample vibe and into the Bass world of 808’s, hi-hats, futuristic synths, and re-discovered vocals. This EP has a great variation of soundscapes encompassing deep vibes mixed with juke influences. The Bass world today is one that is undeniable with it’s constant energy and it because of this reason that all of us keep tapping into new boundaries.

"After getting kind of stuck in the whole 90 bpm range working with samples and instruments in a more familiar way, I decided to make my a personal liberation, crossing inner boundaries and limitations into this 'Bootyleg' EP. I allowed almost every spontaneous idea in my mind to allow me to seek and channel my ideas to you. It's straight from the soul"