Luck & Love

December 27, 2011
Soulection is back for the month of December and we are very excited to present our 6th installment by Insightful. We have been a huge supporter of his since day one and it is only logical to provide a platform for this gifted producer. Representing not just Oakland/San Diego, CA, but the U.S. beat culture as a whole -- Insightful composed another next-level release entitled Luck & Love that withholds 13 deep tracks that make you think of all your life responsibilities and future endeavors in a matter of just 40 minutes. We simply asked him to create “Loud-Honest-Deep-Music’ and he responded with this Luck & Love. His rhythms and instrumentation selections are based off of heavy bass-lines, organic snares, and future-synths.

Insightful: "Both Luck & Love have been two huge factors on my path as an artist and as a human being. Without those two things I wouldn't be who I am at this moment. The pieces I chose for this release are ones I have been saving and building for the past three months. I tried to keep each track melodic and colossal. The Soulection crew said they wanted honest-deep music and that is what I love about Soulection, the realness of their releases. It is an honor to be apart of such a young-talented collective. We are definitely here!"