Night Driven

August 27, 2012
This is our 16th project! But more importantly, we are side stepping away from the BASS vibes for a minute to focus your eyes & ears on a sound/genre: Modern-Funk that has had our attention for a few years now. It blows our mind to know that Tryezz resides down south in Tennessee where Modern-Funk vibes aren't as spotlighted as they should be, but yet dominates the sound! It a beautiful thing to be able to discover someone such as Tryezz and expose the world to his gifted abilities. All we want from you is to be open minded as you hit 'play' and soak in the soul, funk, and boogie vibes of this EP.

"Night Driven EP" provides the backdrop for that much needed night drive to clear the mind. I wanted to capture different elements of what it's like and how it feels to get that night drive in. I created a release with the same theme back in 09'. I felt that I needed to revisit that theme again.

These songs bump, but at the same time, have that coolness to it. This way people can groove to it, and at the same time, reflect on things. Play these tunes to revitalize and get your mind right. To get the full experience, bump these tunes after 11:30pm...on the open road...preferably with the windows down. ;)

Much love y'all.
Thanks for tuning in."