Soulection Radio Show #147 w/ DJ Nobody

Oct 5, 2013 •Live from United States
63 tracks across 4 sets with Interview
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We have Low End Theory's very own DJ Nobody in the studio with us.

We hope you're ready for not just another great session of musical selections but also a great 25+ minute discussion between DJ Nobody and Joe Kay.
Joe kicked things off for a little over an hour & 33 minutes with new and forgotten gems.

Do your research! Nobody made his 1st appearance on the show that was well overdue and went into a heavy/experimental beat journey ranging a variety of BPM's.
We discussed a bit of his background and really got into the history of Low End Theory and the progression of where it is today.
Nobody discussed crucial experiences that you would want to know so listen closely.

Thanks to true listener^^ for supplying this tracklist.


DJ Nobody's Set