Soulection Radio Show #153 w/ Dream Koala

Nov 23, 2013 •Live from United States
61 tracks across 3 sets with Interview
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Joe Kay kicked things off with heavy, heavy vibes from many brand new/unheard artists and collectives.

The selection in here was really well thought out and analyzed properly so take notes.

Shouts to Geode and the Chord Marauders who sent over their forthcoming compilation which is simply amazing. Pay attention to these guys, trust. Also look out for Sunni Colòn & Jarreau Vandal. These two artists will be breakthrough artists on Soulection in 2014; guaranteed. We had special guest Dream Koala stop by who is visiting LA for his 1st time all the way from Berlin (current residence but originally from Paris). The young 19 year old threw down a DJ set that included bass and uptempo tribal vibes. In fact, his set was very different from his original production. Dream Koala is very talented and we look forward to see and hear what's to come.

Thanks to true listener^^ for supplying this tracklist.


Dream Koala's Set