Soulection Radio Show #159 w/ Daddy Kev

Jan 4, 2014 •Live from United States
69 tracks across 4 sets with Interview
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Kev dropps a 40 minute set that makes you feel like you're in the "2001: A Space Odyssey" space hub.

This week's edition of Soulection Radio was really essential. We had a pioneer and important individual who is responsible for many great things going on in our music culture today.
He goes by Daddy Kev which most of you may already be familiar with. He founded the legendary weekly event Low End Theory and co-founded Alpha Pup Records/Distribution.

Kev made sure to sprinkle all the classics as well as some forthcoming unreleased material from who knows who.

Things got really interesting when Kev and Joe jumped in to the interview portion during the 2nd hour to discuss everything from experiences at Low End Theory,
mastering (sound engineering education), the current state of today's music culture, favorite artists to work with, and even a Low End Theory festival that is coming this year.
Definitely an educational experience!

Thanks to true listener^^ for supplying this tracklist.


Interview w/ Daddy Kev